Open Source Software

What is Open-Source Software (OSS)?

Generally speaking Open Source Software is software that is freely available to End Users without License Fees. The original source code for the software is also available to the End User, with the ability to customise the software completely and in some cases re-brand and redistribute.

In fact, the vast majority of servers on the Internet ("Cloud") implement Open Source technologies to ensure the Servers run as fast and as reliably as possible.

FDC Group and Open-Source Software

FDC IT Solutions have over 10 years experience in Open-Source software. Throughout FDC Group's office network we predominantly implement Open Source Software where possible. We utilise a Linux based Operating Systems for all our File Servers, Application Servers and Web Servers.

We can help you utilise Open-Source technology that will allow you grow your business successfully without worrying about recurring license costs and upgrade costs associated with proprietary software.

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