Retirement planning is now an essential part of everybodys long term financial needs. With people living longer and the projected changes to the average age of our population , it is no longer wise to depend on the state to provide for all your needs in retirement.

The most efficent method of becoming financially independent for retirement is by using pension planning to avail of the generous tax incentive available (up to 47% of your gross premium is refunded by the government)

FDC Provide Advice

  • Personal Pensions (including self administered and self directed)
  • Executive Pensions (including self administered and self directed)
  • Group Pensions
  • PRSA's
  • PRSA AVC's
  • Buy Out Bonds
  • Additionally we advise on all aspects post retirement regarding maximising
  • Tax Free cash
  • Purchase Annuities
  • Approved Minimum Retirement Funds
  • Approved Retirement Funds


Pensions Calculator

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