FDC Financial Services Ltd is regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland. FDC can offer a wide range of products to its clients through the many agencies it holds with the numerous financial service providers currently in the marketplace. In fact, FDC is like a "one-stop-shop". We shop around on behalf of our clients with a view to finding the most suitable financial products for their specific needs. To view a list of the agencies we hold and to look more closely at how we conduct our business, please refer to our Terms of Business document.

As a regulated entity we must adhere to the strict rules and guidelines set out by the The Central Bank of Ireland, such as the Consumer Protection Codes and the Data Protection Codes. All of these codes set out the best practice routines required to ensure that all business is conducted in a compliant manner. All information relating to these codes are contained in the Financial Regulators website

Being regulated is good for our clients. It ensures that the best advice is always offered and the advice is always dependent on the individual needs of a client. We have qualified staff to deal with all queries and many of our administration staff and trainees are now undertaking studies to also obtain the QFA (Qualified Financial Advisor) status.

Terms of Business

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.



FDC Financial Services Ltd is regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland. Registered Office FDC House, Wellington Road, Cork. Registered in Ireland No: 069045