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FDC Graduate Programmes

Discover endless possibilities with the FDC Graduate Programmes, offering graduates the opportunity to pursue a Master's degree at premier institutions in Ireland. Following the completition of the masters programme, scholars engage in work experience, allowing them to put their knowledge into actionable practice.

Three Pillars of the FDC Graduate Programme

1. Fully-Supported Master’s Degree

We offer fully-supported placements in esteemed Master’s programs like the MAAC in UCC or the MSc in Ag Innovation in UCD. Our commitment extends beyond academia – it’s about empowering you with knowledge and expertise.

2. Professional Development & Experience

After your Master’s, join FDC College for a 6-month learning stint. Network with peers and FDC professionals, crafting a tailored plan for practical skill enhancement. We’ll support you for three years post-Master’s, ensuring hands-on experience and professional growth within FDC’s vibrant community.

3. Career Advancement & Accreditation

The FDC Graduate Program isn’t solely academic; it’s about paving the way for a thriving career. Upon completion, you’ll secure a work contract, gaining practical experience and access to professional accreditation.

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Unlock a World of Opportunities

Join the FDC Graduate Programme, your gateway to a thriving career journey. We offer a unique opportunity for graduates, providing full support for pursuing a Master’s degree at renowned institutions such as the MAAC in UCC or the MSc in Ag Innovation in UCD. After completing your Master’s, embrace a three-year work contract with us, ensuring valuable experience and professional accreditation.

To register your interest, send your CV and cover letter to and get in touch with our recruitment team today.

Trainee Accountant

Begin your journey toward becoming a proficient accountant alongside industry experts.

Trainee Tax Consultant

Join FDC Group and delve into the intricacies of tax consulting.

Trainee Financial Consultant

Step into the world of financial consultancy with FDC Group.

IT Graduate

Are you an aspiring IT professional looking for a platform to launch your career?

FDC Financial Training Academy

The FDC Financial Consultant Training Academy is a robust 12 month programme, earn as you learn, opportunity. Apply here.

Undergraduate Placements

Dive into the world of business and gain invaluable experience with FDC Group’s Undergraduate Placements.

Transitioning from academia to the dynamic consultancy at FDC was made seamless by the inclusive and supportive work environment.