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Tax Planning

Established in 1989, FDC Tax Department is a dedicated tax consultancy team of qualified AITI Chartered Tax Advisers providing tax planning expertise. Our expertise allows us to quickly identify and implement tax efficiencies for both our personal and commercial clients.

We offer a broad range of services which include:

  • Corporate Structures & Partnerships

    Selecting the most appropriate corporate structure depends on several factors including taxation implications, the legal entity, ownership and liability. Our advisers can assist you in determining the most appropriate corporate structure to advance your enterprise.

    Partnerships allow for the pooling of talents and trade resources and can facilitate the development of a more successful enterprise than may be achievable individually.

    The formulation of the Partnership Agreement is essential to determine the rules under which the partners will operate together. We can advise on the creation of tailored Partnership Agreements for all sectors to ensure both transparency and tax-efficiency.

    If you decide to incorporate your business we guide you through the regulatory compliance issues to maximise benefits accruing to both your business and you personally in your role as company director.

  • Capital Gains Tax

    On the disposal of capital assets, we assist our clients to mitigate Capital Gains Tax payable. Our expertise is in identifying and utilising all legitimate means of minimising Capital Gains Tax.

    Private clients use our services to manage the crystallising of capital losses to offset against future capital gains.

    We assist clients in identifying commercial assets that qualify for Entrepreneur Relief from Capital Gains Tax.

    Our team of advisers can recommend the efficient transfer of assets to the next generation operating relevant reliefs and exemptions in a timely manner.

  • Personal Tax Planning

    For personal tax clients, we provide a comprehensive range of tax planning and consultancy services, and advise clients on all taxation heads including Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Capital Acquisitions Tax, VAT and Stamp Duty.

    Our customised service allows us to understand our clients’ long-term goals and then assist them in arranging their affairs in the most tax efficient manner.

    To help minimise your tax liabilities, our reviews assess the implications of holding various assets such as shares and property. Our aim always is to structure your assets so as to maintain your wealth.

    For individuals working overseas or relocating to work in Ireland, we advise on the tax implications. Similarly, we can advise on Double Taxation Treaties and how they affect Irish taxes.

  • VAT

    We undertake VAT reviews to identify VAT compliance efficiencies and reduction of potential exposure to VAT especially for clients unable to fully recover VAT.

    For high-value property transactions, we provide expert guidance on the VAT treatment of same.

    Our advisers can direct on compliance with Revenue VAT audits, encompassing pre-audit reviews as well as Irish and international VAT compliance.

  • Family Business Professional Advice

    Family businesses remain the mainstay of the indigenous Irish economy. We recognise that successful family enterprises require a balance between personal and financial administration. This can provide real competitive advantage but also inherent risk.

    We can assist you minimise risk by advising on key aspects of strategic planning involving remuneration, expansion, financing and transfer of ownership. The long-term tax efficient growth of family businesses is a central function of our comprehensive succession planning service.

  • Farm and Business Transfers

    Our extensive experience allows us to identify the financial, taxation and personal issues that arise when you transfer an enterprise. The continuation of a viable enterprise must be balanced with the requirement for legal and financial security for the transferor together with any obligations to other family members. We assess the options and offer practical solutions and guidance.

    We will assist you in determining the most appropriate terms of transfer as we liaise closely with your Solicitor to ensure legal rights and minimise taxes by obtaining all relevant reliefs.

    Our approach aims to increase the potential of the enterprise beyond a transition and deliver enduring value to our client families.

  • Commercial Mediation

    Mediation is often the most cost effective means of resolving commercial disputes by avoiding the duration and costs of lengthy litigation.

    The initial mediation process is both confidential and non-binding. The ultimate objective of mediation is to resolve the dispute by both parties agreeing a binding settlement agreement.

    Our experienced and qualified mediators, as neutral third parties, will address the issues under dispute and offer practical solutions to all parties.

  • Trusts

    We advise clients on establishing, varying and dissolution of Trusts, including family, charitable and discretionary Trusts. We give direction on the interpretation and tax consequences of existing Trusts.

    Trustees receive practical advice on the nature and extent of their statutory powers and obligations in their dealings with beneficiaries.

    For vulnerable family members, we can assist with the establishment of a Trust or similar protective arrangements.

  • Estate Planning

    A life-time’s success can be threatened by the absence of a will or a poorly constructed or outdated will.

    Estate planning is fundamental to preserving your wealth and ensuring it passes on to your designated beneficiaries in the manner you choose. Whatever your objectives, we deliver a confidential service designed to protect your assets by preparing a tailored tax efficient strategy.

    Tax thresholds and reliefs can change regularly, regular reviews help ensure your estate plan conforms to current legislation.

    As your wishes may evolve over time, we can undertake periodic reviews of your estate plans. For an existing will, we can advise on revisions and amendments to account for any changes in family or financial circumstances.

  • Indirect Taxes

    VAT, customs duties and environmental taxes are an increasing burden for Irish businesses. We can advise on managing these taxes as efficiently as possible, identifying potential savings and avoiding interest and penalties.

    Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT) may apply if your business sub-contracts any type of work, imposing an obligation on you to withhold RCT from payments to contractors. An increasing number of activities now fall within the scope of RCT.

    The costs of not operating the correct RCT procedures can be punitive. We can advise on your compliance requirements and assist with your reporting and filing obligations. We can secure refunds of RCT withheld from payments made to your business.

  • Incorporation

    The decision to incorporate involves careful review of a client’s personal, financial and business circumstances.

    Incorporation may reduce your current exposure to tax by maximising business profits liable to the 12.5% corporation tax rate. We can advise on the optimum means of converting an existing sole-trade to a limited liability company.

    If you decide to incorporate your business we guide you through the regulatory compliance and legal issues. As a company director, our aim is to maximise benefits accruing to both your business and you personally.

  • Employer and Employee Tax Planning

    Staff motivation is central to successful business development through the retention of key employees combined with the recruitment of quality candidates. We assist our client companies identify the most tax efficient incentive and remuneration packages.

    Share incentive schemes offer a tax efficient method of rewarding key employees without adversely affecting current company cash-flow.

    We can advise on the appropriate levels of staff equity awards within your company.
    We can advise on the tax efficient structuring of remuneration packages for both existing and new employees to include salary, pensions, allowances and other benefits.

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