FDC Group Scholarship Programmes | Post-Graduate Opportunities
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FDC Group Scholarship Programmes

Open the door to a transformative educational experience that bridges academia with real-world application. Discover how our Scholarship Programme at FDC Group can shape your future career trajectory

A Collaborative Endeavor for Academic Excellence

The FDC Group Scholarship Programme is designed to empower post-graduate scholars enrolled in a spectrum of disciplines, ranging from Accountancy, Management, to Environmental and Agriculture Science. At FDC Group, our mission is to foster groundbreaking concepts through post-graduate research, aiming to expand our knowledge base and enrich the post-graduate learning experience.

We are proud partners of Cork University Business School (CUBS) and the School of Agriculture Science at University College Dublin (UCD). Our scholarship extends support to esteemed programs like:

  • MSc Co-operatives, Agri-Food & Sustainable Development (UCC)
  • MSc in Management and Marketing (UCC)
  • MAAC in Accountancy (UCC)
  • MSc Agricultural Extension and Innovation (UCD)

Candidates undergo an interview process with representatives from the university and FDC Group to ensure alignment and commitment.

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Scholarship Benefits

As a collaborative effort between the respective university and FDC Group, our scholarship programme offers prospective post-graduate scholars:

  • Financial remuneration
  • Comprehensive guidance and support for proposed research
  • Hands-on work experience to apply post-graduate learning
  • Opportunities for academic and practical growth

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