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Newcastle West

SME Accountants Newcastle West since 1995. FDC Newcastle West provides Small Business Support, Pension Consultancy and Tax Advisory Services. Our highly qualified Advisors also offer Farm Advisory Services.


Typically, an SME business owner with limited resources spends the majority of their time managing the company’s day-to-day operational problems and does not spend enough time examining strategic and planning issues.


With our wealth of advisory experience across multiple industry sectors, FDC can assist you and your team in assessing and implementing the short and medium-term strategies that will shape your future business success.

Our Consultant specialize in:

  • Banking Facilities Negotiation and Loan Restructuring

    Services include:

    • Assistance with loan arrears and restructuring proposals
    • Vulture Fund negotiations
    • Assistance with new loan applications


  • Corporate Finance

    Key Services include:

    • Business assessments
    • Business and strategic plans
    • Banking proposals
    • Cashflow and financial projections
    • Due diligence
    • Financial performance monitoring and review
    • Direct negotiation of deal terms


  • Private Equity


  • EII Funding


  • Agri-Business Consulting


  • Agricultural Lending


  • Family Business Consulting

    • Structuring/Restructuring the family business for continued growth
    • Strategic Planning
    • Succession and next generation
    • Exit Strategies
    • Wealth Preservation
    • Financing the growth of the family business
    • Successor mentoring


  • Succession Planning


  • Business Funding Structures

Practice areas: Accounting, Advisory, Financial Services, Tax Planning.


Senior Financial ConsultantPat DoreNewcastle West
Regional ManagerTim HurleyNewcastle West
Area ManagerIan HalpinNewcastle West
Chartered Tax AdviserGeorgina FrawleyEnnis
Newcastle West
Area ManagerCaitriona CaseyNewcastle West