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FDC – Serving the rural Irish community for almost 50 years

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FDC was established in 1973 in Dunmanway by Jack Murphy. The group offers multi-disciplinary professional services including banking, legal support, tax and estate planning, accountancy, audit, stockbroking, agri-consultancy, investment and protection advice, retirement planning and legal support.

‘We are a multi-disciplinary service organisation. We provide services of a professional nature under many headings, and we aim to ensure that these services are accessible locally to communities in rural Ireland’ says Barry Murphy – the deputy general manager of FDC, and son of founder, Jack Murphy. ‘We are very interested in contributing to the strategic decision making of clients, whether that’s creating wealth, succession, enabling access to funding or helping to sustain and future proof their finances’.

Micheál O’Driscoll has been with FDC since 1995. He started as a financial consultant and today he is managing director of the financial services department. ‘The department was very small back then with three individuals in financial services. Now there’s 50’, says Micheál. ‘FDC Group offers a unique integration of various disciplines. We can look after accountancy, compliance, tax consultancy and the financial services needs of our clients, in the management and creation of wealth’.

Joseph Collins is an agricultural consultant with FDC. He has been working with the company for 15 years and is based in Kanturk. ‘We advise and assist people on how to stay compliant with EU and Department of Agriculture regulations. We also help our clients to apply for funding or schemes by submitting the necessary documentation to various bodies including the Department of Agriculture, county councils, National Parks and Wildlife, banking institutions, and other relevant organisations’, says Joseph. ‘Our customer base is predominantly farmers and people involved in all types of agricultural activities’.

Michael Fitzgerald is the regional tax manager for West Cork. He has been working with FDC for 16 years and is based in the Bandon office. Barry Lonergan and Siobhan Healy also consult on tax planning in West Cork. The tax planning department provides a range of services to clients. ‘We offer succession planning for farms and businesses, capital taxes, international taxation, corporate restructuring, Trusts, VAT on property, and any area that expert tax advice is required’, says Michael. ‘FDC was one of the first accountancy firms to set-up a dedicated tax department. We now have a team comprising over twenty-five specialist tax consultants with decades of experience under our belt, that allow us to provide practical solutions that deliver the best result for our clients in both the long and short term’, says Michael.

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