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Volatility brings change, but opportunity, too

Article by Seamus O’Mahony.

  • We usually associate volatility with large degree of change and fluctuations.
  • We have seen unimaginable price fluctuations on so many of our day-to-day consumables.
  • Careful planning is key for everyone when working our way through such periods.
  • It is important to take longer term approaches despite the shorter-term volatility, to remain committed to the longer term plan.
  • Make sure to have enough reserves to meet the emergency needs that can crop up due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • It is imperative to reach out to get assistance with this planning and work our way through such periods.

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Seamus O’Mahony is a certified financial planner with FDC Financial Services in Bandon, Bantry, Castletownbere, Millstreet and Skibbereen