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Lean and Process Improvement is a philosophy that is part of everything we do however, there is more to Lean than training and ‘belts’. It is a culture and way of working that needs to be accepted. However for any new skill, there needs to be some kind of coaching and training.

At Turlon & Associate, we provide training in the Lean 6 Sigma process enhancement and design methodology, providing staff with excellent techniques for improving work processes. We have worked with clients ranging from Financial Institutions who are embracing lean process management to Biomedical organisations who fine tune Lean / Process practices.

Introduction to Business Process Management


Description: This course provides an introduction to business process Management. Come to this course and learn the key terms, concepts, methodologies, techniques, and technologies in the BPM arena.
Audience: This course is essential for those seeking to understand what BPM is about or those new to BPM seeking to understand how it might apply to their business.

Duration: One Day
Primary Training Objectives: After completing this course, you will know how to:
• The ability to communicate the benefits of BPM to your organisation
• An understanding of how BPM fits in the overall quality systems strategy (ISO, Lean, Six Sigma etc.)
• An understanding of the different approaches to process modelling / mapping
• An understanding of how BPM links to the business strategy
• An understanding of how to build a business case for process improvement

Improving Business Processes


Description: Improving Processes is a 3-day course delivering the understanding and the tools to improve processes in a logical and repeatable way. Take home cutting edge ideas, tools and techniques. Discover the 4-Dimensions Model of process improvement: Enhancement, Innovation, Derivation and Utilisation.

Audience: This course is for anyone involved in the generation of process redesign ideas. Process analysts, business analysts, process team members and facilitators and anyone involved in the redesign of business processes should completed this course.

Duration: Three Day
Primary Training Objective: After completing this course, you will know how to:
• Make the critical leap from As-Is to To-Be
• Discover ALL of the available process change ideas
• Use innovative techniques to consistently discover process improvement ideas
• Use standard process improvement patterns to discover viable process change ideas
• Integrate leading edge theory with practical tools based on real world exercises
• Use tools and techniques that can be applied immediately

Yellow Belt: – Team Member Training


Description: Gives participants a good understanding of the concepts and key tools of Lean Six Sigma and includes a hands on lean process simulation exercise. Trainees will be ready to actively participate on Lean Six Sigma projects.

Audience: Anyone (from entry level employees to executive champions) wishing to understand Six Sigma/Lean, or participate as a team member in a Lean/Six Sigma project.

Duration: Two Day’s
Primary Training Objective: After completing this course, you will know how to:
• Identify the attributes of being a Lean/Six Sigma team member
• Identify opportunities for improvement, and deliver a Yellow Belt improvement initiative
• Proactively participate as a team member in a Green Belt project

Green Belt: – Team Lead Training


Description: Participants will learn to successfully launch a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project by refining a project charter, leading a project team, garnering support for the project from process stakeholders and ensuring a common understanding of the process across all project participants and stakeholders.

Audience: Lean/Six Sigma Green Belts are employees who spend some of their time on process improvement teams. They analyse and solve quality problems, and are involved with Six Sigma, lean, or other quality improvement projects

Duration: 6 Days (3 sessions of 2 days) plus mentoring
Primary Training Objective: After completing this course, you will know how to:
• Identify the attributes of being a Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt team leader.
• Lead a Green Belt level improvement project
• Proactively participate in a Black Belt Project

Lean Champion: – Project Selection and Sponsorship


Audience: Potential Project Sponsors and those with a management responsibility

Duration: One Day

Description: Provides attendees with the knowledge and know how to implement a Lean Six Sigma programme roll-out successfully and provides managers with the skills necessary to identify, prioritise and manage Lean Six Sigma projects to success.