Training and Development at FDC Group
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Training and Development at FDC Group

Let’s talk about designing effective training programmes. At FDC Training, we ensure your training hits the mark and delivers exactly what you need. It’s not necessarily about the training for us, it’s about the delivery of the training. Here is our approach to FDC Training:

  • Identify Learning Objectives: First, you must know what you want to achieve with your training. What skills or knowledge should participants walk away with? We will work with you to make sure your goals are crystal clear.
  • Audience Analysis: We get to know our clients and audience inside and out. What do they need? How do they learn best? We pride ourselves on tailoring our content and delivery to fit preferences and engagement.
  • Content Development: We ensure that all content is top-notch and relevant. The word we like to use here is interactivity, whether digital, e-learning, info-learning, or face-to-face. We mix text, visuals, and interactive activities to cater to different learning styles.
  • Sequencing and Progression: We organise our content in a way that makes sense. Starting with the basics, we gradually move participants through the training to more advanced work. Participants are the driving force here, and we incorporate plenty of chances for them to practice and reinforce what they’ve learned along the way.

Training and Development are certainly based on interactivity, but we add in structure and rhythm to the delivery. Upsetting the rhythm results in confused participants.

At FDC Training, we have worked over the last two years on building our interactive and participant-focused Learning Management System (LMS) for training delivery. Our LMS helps us manage and track our training activities. We use it to schedule courses, send out reminders and keep an eye on how your participants are doing.

As we continue our digital transformation, we must embrace virtual training tools. Webinars, video conferences and virtual classrooms are all great for keeping your training accessible, no matter where your participants are located. We add in interactive elements like quizzes, simulations, and games to our sessions to keep participants engaged. 

You might be wondering how we measure training effectiveness. This is a complex question, and the other side is a simple question of how we work:

  • Assessment and Evaluation: We design assessments that align with your learning objectives. Whether it’s pre-tests, post-tests, or quizzes, we check in on how well your participants are grasping the material.
  • Feedback and Continuous Improvement: We always look for ways to improve your training. We gather feedback from our participants, trainers and stakeholders and use it to fine-tune your content and delivery methods.
  • Our metrics: We define the metrics that matter most to you—whether completion rates, competency levels, or ROI—and monitor them to gauge the effectiveness of your training initiatives.

By paying attention to these critical areas, we can design, deliver, and evaluate training programmes that hit the mark and help you succeed. Join us, and we would be delighted to chat more.