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Applying Project Risk Management


Objective: Effective risk management strategies allow you to identify your project’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. By planning for unexpected events, you can be ready to respond if they arise. To ensure your project’s success, define how you will handle potential risks so you can identify, mitigate or avoid problems when you need to do. Successful project organisations recognise that risk management is important, because achieving a project’s goals depends on planning, preparation, results and evaluation that contribute to achieving strategic goals. Project risk management practitioners are seen to provide expertise in the specialised area of assessing and identifying project risks along with plans to mitigate threats and capitalise on opportunities.

Audience: – Professionals from any department or organisation looking to eliminate waste, reduce costs, and increase product and process successes.

Benefits / Learning Objectives: After completing this workshop, you should learn how to:

  • understand what the challenges that projects and project managers face
  • understand the governance and structures behind risk management
  • identifying the tools and techniques that can be used to on-board team members
  • be able to distinguish between risk and issue management and how to do it.
  • analysis of the tools and techniques to identify risk
  • understand the qualitative approach to risk analysis
  • review of simulation tools and techniques such as Monte Carlo, PERT, Tornado Diagrams
  • understand how to monitor and communicate project risk on a timely basis
  • focus on risk monitoring and control and to understand the communication principles behind risk and issues management
  • be able to manage stakeholder involvement with risk
  • ability to become a problem-solver and how to use these skills
  • the principles behind what a project leader is and how to implement it.


Course Content: The following topics will be covered

  • Topic 1: – Risk Communication – what People Expect and How to do it
  • Topic 2:- Risk Governance – Putting the Structures in Place for successful management
  • Topic 3:- Principles and Concepts of Risk Management – why do it and how it should be done
  • Topic 4: – Planning Risk Management – Do not Plan in the Dark
  • Topic 5: – Identify Risks – Dig as deep as you can ….
  • Topic 6: – Qualitative Risk Analysis – To Analyse is to Understand your business / project
  • Topic 7: – Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis – What are the Tools and Techniques Available
  • Topic 8: – Plan Risk Responses – Respond correctly and manage your contingency
  • Topic 9: – Monitor and Control Risk – Keep on top of it
  • Topic 10: – The Problem Solver

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