Training on Farming Sustainably Under Derogation
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Farming Sustainably Under Derogation

Objective: – This course intends to cover the reducing the impact on emissions, water and biodiversity. We will examine the effective ways of increasing agricultural productivity while minimising environmental impacts are debated, such as if biodiversity gains can be integrated into farming systems.

Format: – Course delivery for each course must include both theory (classroom/online) and practical (field/farm) elements. The design of this is at the discretion of the course organiser but shall be preapproved by DAFM.

Audience: – Farmers must attend this course unless they did more than the minimum of 10 grass measurements in 2020 and are prepared to do a minimum of 20 covers in 2021 and onwards. Grass measurements must be recorded on Pasture Base Ireland.

Benefits: – Under the terms and conditions of the Nitrates Derogation 2020 and 2021, derogation applicants are required to complete mandatory training

Learning Objectives: –

  • Reducing the impact on emissions, water and biodiversity
  • Water Quality
  • Nitrate Action Programme Regulations,
  • Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Sediment Mobilisation & Mitigation
  • ASSAP; Mitigation Measures at farm level and inclusion in NMP.
  • Gaseous Emissions
  • Outline of MACC for Green House Gases and Ammonia
  • Benefits and use on Protected-UREA
  • Strategies for reducing gaseous N loss.
  • Slurry Management and LESS application.
  • Biodiversity
  • Background and National Pollinator Plan
  • How to improve Biodiversity on farms

Water Quality (2 hours)

  • Nitrates Action Programme
  • Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Sediment Mobilisation Mitigation.
  • ASSAP, Mitigation Measures at Farm Level and Nutrient Management Planning.

Biodiversity (1.5 hours)

  • Background
  • National pollinator Plan
  • Ways to Improve Biodiversity on Farms

Gaseous Emissions (1.5 hours )

  • Marginal Abatement Cost Curve for Green House Gases and Ammonia
  • Benefits and Use of Protected Urea
  • Slurry Management and LESS application.

Q&A Session (30 Minutes)

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