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Hidden Skills of a Project Manager

Project managers should have the ability to react, manage problems, deals with conflict. This is a course that will strive to delve in to how to master these ‘hidden skills’. The skills range from conflict resolution to how to influencing project team members and sponsors. The Hidden Skills of a Project Manager are never easy to master and that time and effort, it is often argued that these skills cannot be learnt. We will strive, in this course to present, demonstrate and embed these skills in new, aspiring and / or seasoned project managers.

Benefits: This workshop will be of benefit to learners who want to effectively manage projects within a competitive and rapid environment. The workshop focuses on the leadership, communication and influencing skills a project manager must have to be able to effectively navigate a project roadmap.

Learning Objectives: After completing this Project Management course, you will:

  • Understand what the challenges that projects and project managers face
  • Identifying the tools and techniques that can be used to on-board team members
  • Ability to become a problem-solver and how to use these skills
  • Understand that conflict is good in project and that the role of the project manager is to manage it
  • The principles behind what a project leader is and how to implement it.
  • The ability to influence sponsors and team members alike in non-ideal situations.
  • Understand how to effectively communicate project results and status
  • To be proactive and reactive in managing project situations and conflict.

Course Content: The following project management skills will be covered in the workshop through the forum of presentation, break-out workshops and case-studies: –

Skill 1: – Project Manager’s Mind-set

  • Topic 1: – Project Management as Management by Objectives
  • Topic 2: – The Mind-Set of a Project Manager
  • Topic 3: – Managing Virtual Teams

Skill 2: – You’re Leadership Style

  • Topic 1: – What Makes a Good Leader
  • Topic 2: – What are your Leadership Qualities
  • Topic 3: – Team Behavior

Skill 3: – Problem Solving and Prioritisation

  • Topic 1: – The Roller-Coaster of Change
  • Topic 2: – Define and Clarify the Issue
  • Topic 3: – Identify the Reason Why?
  • Topic 4: – Present the Options
  • Topic 5: – Solve the Problem?

Skill 4: – Managing Conflict

  • Topic 1: – Project Conflict
  • Topic 2: – Negotiation Skills
  • Topic 3: – Steps in Managing Conflict

Skill 5: – Influencing the Crowd

  • Topic 1: – Influencing your Sponsor
  • Topic 2: – Do you Listen to your Sponsor?

Skill 6: – Communication and Presentation Skills

  • Topic 1: – What, When and How to Communicate?
  • Topic 2: – Building Bridges
  • Topic 3: – Lessons Learnt

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