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Agile Project Delivery – The Fundamentals


Background: Agile has caught the attention of business leaders in Europe and globally as a means of managing change, reducing time to market, eliminating waste and attracting and retaining customers. The question is – what is Agile Project Management and how does it differ from traditional waterfall? What are the skills and competencies required for this role? Can Agile work with your existing governance frameworks. Agile methodologies empower the Team to create an evolving solution which means that the role of the Project Manager becomes that of the Leader rather than Manager.

We explore the drivers and business value of Agile, introduce valuable practices into the core practices of your business and highlight cultural and operational changes required to deliver successful Agile projects. This two-day course provides an introduction to Agile and each of the leading Agile methods; including Scrum, eXtreme Programming, and Lean Software Development, using practical exercises to demonstrate the skills required to manage an Agile project

Audience: This Agile Project Management course is suitable for Project Managers, Project Support Managers and Development Team members intending to deliver Agile projects. The course provides the background information needed for anyone considering moving to Agile development or may already be involved in Agile development. The Agile Project Management course begins with a historical look at how software processes have evolved and developed over time, exploring how new technologies have influenced the evolution.

With the historical context laid, the course then examines the world of Agile development, dispelling common myths and provides clarity for concepts like Scrum, Backlog, user stories, etc.

Course Objectives:  After completing this Agile Project Management course, you should learn how to:

  • Identify Agile Methodologies – XP and Lean Development
  • Blend aspects of Agility into your traditional projects including estimation, planning, metrics, and reporting
  • Adapt from a plan-driven approach to include actual velocity-driven aspects into your planning and scheduling
  • Improve communication skills within the team and to customers and stakeholders
  • Conduct project retrospectives and reviews that surface important changes for your projects
  • Make critical project adjustments, in real-time, that improve your schedule attainment
  • Show how agile project practices can be deployed

Course Content: The Agile Project Management course is broken into the following areas: –

  • Topic 1: – What is Agile and how it differs from Waterfall
  • Topic 2: – Agile Methodologies – Extreme Programming (XP) Overview
  • Topic 3: – Scrum Overview
  • Topic 4: – Leveraging Agile Principles to your projects
  • Topic 5: – Creating the Agile Project Roadmap / Plan
  • Topic 6: – Planning, Monitoring and Adopting
  • Topic 7: – Agile Customer Satisfaction
  • Topic 8: – Walking through an agile project

The course is case-study driven with examples of how agile project management is deployed.

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