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Leadership in Times of Crisis

The Uncertainty of a Crisis can be daunting, if you’re not experienced or prepared. Great leaders have the ability to draw from their core skill-sets, the knowledge to observe a critical situation and the desire to serve their teams. This course focuses on how leaders can thrive during a crisis by sharpening their skills, implementing a flexible plan for success and creating a cohesive and reliable team.

Benefits: This virtual workshop will benefit all leaders who will, at some point in their careers, inevitably find themselves in a crisis.  We will focus on how to keep the right perspective during this time, create communication strategies and how to effectively lead and grow a team through the uncertainty.

Learning Objectives: After completing this course, you will:

  • Be able to view a crisis through a wider lens
  • Understand the role of culture in crisis
  • Inspire trust while growing your team
  • Gain stronger leadership skills
  • Be able to effectively communicate during a crisis
  • Understand how to leverage your team during a crisis
  • Be able to look at a crisis with a positive mindset​

Course Content

The following content will be covered in a virtual workshop forum and will consist of discussions, case-studies and short exercises:

Module 1: - Essentials of a Great Leader
  • Topic 1: – 4 roles of a great leader during a crisis
  • Topic 2: – Leading for results
  • Topic 3: – Leadership perspective in crisis
Module 2: - Developing your team for Crisis
  • Topic 1: – Creating leaders in your team
  • Topic 2: – Aligning responsibilities
  • Topic 3: – Team Behavior
Module 3: - Preparation for Crisis
  • Topic 1: – BC, DR and Crisis
  • Topic 2: – Looking toward the future
  • Topic 3: – Flexible and adaptive
Module 4: - In the Midst of Uncertainty
  • Topic 1: – Credible and continuous sensing
  • Topic 2: – Agility and Action
  • Topic 3: – Servant Leadership during a crisis
Module 5: - The Positive side of Crisis
  • Topic 1: – Positivity in all stages
  • Topic 2: – Your view equals your outlook
Module 6: - Retrospectives
  • Topic 1: – Organizational crisis assessment
  • Topic 2: – Future outlook

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