Microsoft (MS) Excel - Intermediate
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Microsoft (MS) Excel – Intermediate

This 1-day course is a Microsoft (MS) Excel Intermediate course aimed at existing Excel users who need to create and manipulate more complex models. Participants should be existing users of MS Excel. They should be able to create, edit and manipulate spreadsheets containing formulae and basic functions. Ideally participants will have completed the Excel Introduction course.

Course Content

The content of the Course is outlined:

Module 1: - Review of Excel Functions
  • Review of Basic Features and Tips
  • Review Basic Formulae &Functions (Sum, Count, Average)
  • Apply Relative & Absolute cell addressing
  • Auto Fill Options
  • Print and Page Layouts
Module 3: - Linking Spreadsheets and Pivot Tables
  • Link worksheets and workbooks via formulae
  • Manipulate Data – Sorting, Filtering, Validation, Subtotals
  • Create Pivot Tables for Analysing Data
Module 2: - Using Spreadsheets and Functions
  • Formatting the Spreadsheet
  • Create and use Range Names
  • Use more complex Excel functions: Sumif, Sumifs, Countif, Countifs, IF, Lookups, IFERROR
  • Date Functions: Datedif, Networkdays, Now, Today, EOMonth etc.
  • Text Functions: Concatenate, Text, Trim, Upper / Lower etc.
Module 4: - Presenting your Workbook with Charts
  • Create a Chart
  • Format Charts
  • Create Sparkline charts for quick visual analysis
  • Audit a workbook
  • Apply Conditional Formatting
  • Protecting the Sheet & the Workbook
  • Sharing Workbooks

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