Preparing your Business's Financial Statement with Confidence
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Preparing your Financial Statements

Objective: – Developing your financial acumen is a must in today’s economy, and improving your knowledge of accounting basics and financial management is a good first step. In this course, you’ll explore the financial essentials that will enable you to understand key steps in the management of finance within the accounting cycle. You’ll learn how, once you’ve worked your way through recording.

Whether you’re looking to start of expand a business you will need to work your way through recording transactions and posting to ledgers. This course will make you business-ready to start preparing financial statements. You’ll learn about Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, and how they’re interrelated. You’ll also learn about the steps involved in closing accounts.

Format: – This course is run virtually via Zoom or in traditional classroom format

Audience: – Any business manager, aspiring accountant, current day accountant or tax professional who is looking for a grounding and understanding in Small Business Accountancy rules

Benefits: – Our small business financial management course can give you much of the training you need right away. This course is designed to cover all the major issues surrounding financial account preparation for small businesses. This is so that you will be ready to jump right in and tackle all small business financial issues with confidence.

Learning Objectives: – This course intends to deliver on the following learning objectives:

  • match financial statements to their descriptions
  • recognise examples of the components of the income statement
  • sequence the steps of income statement calculations
  • match the components of the balance sheet to their descriptions
  • sequence the steps of preparing a balance sheet
  • match each component of the cash flow statement to its description
  • sequence the steps for preparing a cash flow statement
  • sequence the steps for closing accounts

Course Content: –

This course covers the following tax topics:

  • Preparing Financial Statements and Closing Accounts
  • Financial Statement Basics
  • Income Statement Components
  • Income Statement Calculations
  • Balance Sheet Components
  • Preparing a Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement Components
  • Preparing a Cash Flow Statement
  • Closing Accounts

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