Unlock up to €50k with the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant in Ireland
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Transform Your Vacant Property: Get up to €50k with the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant

Article by Philip Salter.

  • Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant: Get up to €50k for renovating vacant properties in Ireland.
  • Eligibility: Property must be vacant for 2+ years, built before 2008, and owned or being purchased.
  • Grant Covers: Demolition, foundations, walls, floors, internal and external works, building services, and more.
  • Maximum Grant: Up to €50k for vacant properties, €70k for derelict properties.
  • Application: Complete form, submit supporting documents and renovation quote to local authority.
  • Priority: First-time buyers and fresh start applicants, including individuals with special needs.
  • Don’t Miss Out: Seize this opportunity today! Check eligibility and apply now through your local authority or the Department of Housing.

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Philip Salter is an accountant with FDC Skibbereen.