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Shaping tomorrow, today with FDC College

Pictured left to right: Maeve P

FDC College is approaching the completion of its first year as a part of the FDC Group. FDC College is a unique part of FDC that offers various upskilling courses to our employees. We offer our employees learning opportunities on various topics including professional development, taxation, accountancy, agricultural and financial seminars. At FDC College, we aspire to elevate our employees’ journey by offering impactful resources and supporting them every step of the way!

Upskilling is the process of acquiring new knowledge and abilities to enhance performance and adaptability. This results in upskilling being a constant requirement for businesses which can be time-consuming and costly for any business. FDC is committed to building rewarding quality careers for our employees. FDC College is one of the approaches we take to offer our employees opportunities to grow.  Studies show that 86% of employees believe it is important for their employer to provide them with learning opportunities.

“At FDC College, we’re not just preparing for the future—we’re actively shaping it.”

In today’s dynamic business landscape, FDC College equips our employees and by extension our clients with the latest skills to stay relevant. Upskilling opens doors to new opportunities within FDC. Employees can move up the career ladder or transition into different roles that require more advanced or different skills. Learning new skills can help boost employees confidence and sense of achievement. People working in companies that invest in their employees’ learning are 83% more likely to be happier in their jobs. Learning often involves interacting with others, which can expand professional networks and open new collaborative opportunities.

FDC College empowers our employees the opportunity to upskill in a cost-effective and time-saving way. Our employees have learning opportunities right at their door. Employees attend training virtually during working hours. We offer all seminars to any employees regardless of their employment area. Employees are encouraged to approach the FDC College team with any suggestions for courses that would benefit them. FDC College offers a vast range of training courses that are run by highly qualified trainers. The FDC College team choose courses that they believe will benefit our employees and any gap in employees’ skills that they may observe. FDC College choose these courses based on employees’ feedback via surveys or general communication.

Pictured left to right: Maeve P

The FDC College team is more than happy to help our employees with any questions or suggestions they have regarding upskilling because, at the end of the day, we are focused on shaping tomorrow, today. If you would like to learn more about our graduate programmes or our current vacant positions, you can find more information on our website Careers – FDC Group.

FDC is thrilled to announce that FDC College has been recognised for its exceptional work with the Excellence in Learning and Development award at the Irish Accountancy Awards 2024. This prestigious award is a well-deserved testament to the dedication and innovation of the FDC College team over the past year. FDC College empowers its staff to flourish in their current roles and explore new opportunities within the organisation. The award underscores FDC College’s commitment to creating impactful learning resources and supporting its employees throughout their professional journeys. By equipping staff with the latest skills and knowledge, FDC College ensures not only employee growth but the continued success of the entire FDC Group. This recognition further emphasizes the importance of upskilling in today’s dynamic business landscape.