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Project Management Professional (PMP)® Preparation Course

​Objective:- This project management course (Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Course) will give participants foundation, experience, techniques and tools to manage the various aspects of a project. This is a Project Management course that is based on application with a broad array of practical experiences that can immediately be applied. The Project Management course will cover the content of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) and present the information that is examined on the Project Management Professional (PMP)®. This is Project Management Certification preparation course, and is suitable for anyone who wants to ensure success in the (PMP)® Certification exam.

Format:- Virtual session with simulated exams

Audience (Application Level):- Anyone wishing to take the PMP® Project Management Professional Certification exam

PMP® Exam Simulator:- As part of the course, you will receive full access to Turlon’s Award Winning Exam Simulator

Benefits:- This Project Management Course will be of benefit to learners who identify the importance of the PMP® accreditation. The Course will highlight the working of the PMBOK® Guide.

Learning Objectives:- After completing this course, you will know how to:

  • understand the exam process (i.e. application procedure to taking the exam)
  • identify the attributes of being a project manager
  • understand the significance of good project governance
  • define project objectives and create a project scope plan
  • describe how a work breakdown structure is used as an input to developing a project plan
  • understand the benefits of effective project planning and control
  • deliver and manage an effective project management plan
  • distinguish between risk and issue management and how to do it.
  • monitor and communicate project progress on a timely basis
  • understand the basis behind effective project leadership
  • understand and plan for project success and closure
  • understand how to work in an agile / waterfall environment 
  • understand how to work with diverse stakeholders in a project delivery environment 

Course Content – The following areas will be covered:

Course Day 1: The Delivery Framework

Topic 1: – Introduction to PMP®Exam and overview of PMP® Application

Topic 1: – Project Framework/ Structure

    • Understanding Waterfall, Iterative and Agile
    • Focus on how the PMBOK® Guide is used.
    • Presentation of a Project Delivery Model

Topic 3: – Creating a High-Performance Team

    • Focus on what it takes to build and empower a team including negotiations
Course Day 2: Starting a Project

Topic 4: – Working in Virtual Teams

    • How to build shared understanding in a virtual team and working in that environment

Topic 5: – Starting a Project

    • Looking at appropriate methods and practices for scoping and planning a project

Topic 6: – Establish Project Governance

    • Understanding how to Integrate project planning activities to promote structure and direction
Course Day 3: Doing the Project Work

Topic 7: – Doing the Work – Deliver Value 

    • Understanding how to execute the project to deliver business value

Topic 8: – Doing the Work – Managing Progress

    • Understanding how to keep the team on track during project execution
Course Day 4: Keeping the Business in Mind

Topic 9: – Keeping the Business in Mind

    • Understand how to manage project compliance requirements
    • Understand how to evaluate and deliver benefits

Topic 10: – Process Mapping

    • Mapping the PMBOK® Guide into a Project Delivery model. Live scenarios of how this can be done

Topic 11: – Preparing for the PMP® Exam.

    • Undertake a two-hour Sample PMP®and review questions to ensure clarity on question answering techniques


Once the course is completed, we provide a full coaching service with the provision of Sample Exams and assistance until exam is completed.

  • PMP is a  registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.
  • PMBOK is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.
  • The PMI Authorised TRaining Provider (ATP) logo is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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