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Welcome to FDC Training

At FDC Training we are focused on the rapidly changing demands of work, but we’re not about hype and trends.

We offer real-world, market-leading training in skills which are instantly applicable in every field. FDC’s in-house seminars are the best training you can get.

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Our Training Courses

Our curriculum is designed to help our clients meet their continuing education requirements while still giving them access to other topics that are important to them. We offer a wide variety of seminars with various topics and we’re always adding new courses.

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Get professional education without the hassle.

Selecting the very best project, program and portfolio training for your organisation is just the beginning. Once selected, the training should be designed, developed and delivered to comply with your best practices and methodologies.

Keep up-to-date with company regulations by completing your accredited hours with FDC Training. Our workshops are practical and engaging, with an outstanding approach to learning.


Celebrating 50 Years of FDC

Celebrating 50 Years of FDC

On June 30th, employees across all FDC branches gathered at Springfort Hall in Mallow to celebrate 50 years of independence, integrity, integration and innovation. Members from FDC branches networked and socialised, strengthening communal ties across the counties....