Data Recovery & Liquidation Specialists

FDC IT Solutions are Corporate Recovery & Liquidation Specialists. Data recovery, data interrogation and computer hard-drive destruction are a priority in any restructuring case

Having already partnered with one of the “Big Four” Restructuring Organisations, FDC IT Solutions have the skills and experience to add efficiencies and time savings to your selected Corporate Recovery cases. We are offering high quality, cost effective solutions, such as:

Data Recovery

  • Encrypted & Totally Secure
  • Data Recovery is fast and efficient
  • Restore critical data quickly to any location
  • Compliant with Data Protection Act
  • Off Site Data Storage


Hardware Destruction

  • Using special software, all hard-drives are scrubbed/erased to US Department of Defence (DoD) standards
  • Recycling Services: PC's Monitors, Laptops, Printers & PC Peripherals


Support Services

  • Telephone & E-mail Support
  • Payroll & Accountancy Software Support (Analysis Liquidated Company Accounts from your office)
  • File Transfer Utilities
  • Call-Out & On-Site Support


Quality & Savings

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Quality Service & Support


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